The next big thing in Pokémon Go is Pikachu wearing a hat

Pokémon Go is teaming up with its tabletop counterpart for a crossover event that will release a handful of new features to the mobile game.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game is getting a Pokémon Go-themed expansion in July, bringing several Niantic AR pocket monsters to physical cards. according to one blog post (opens in new tab)Pokémon Go will be holding a crossover event from June 16-30 to coincide with the launch and will release a handful of new releases for the mobile game.

Chief among them is a new version of Pikachu. The electric mouse will soon be found in the wild wearing a hat. It’s not just any hat, either, but a Pokémon TCG hat – which equates to a blue baseball cap emblazoned with the two crossed Pokémon cards on the front. It will be joined by the Bug/Water-type Wimpod and its evolved form Golisopod, which will also make its debut.

(Image credit: Niantic)

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