OnePlus 10T Leaked Price Could Make This Next Android Phone a Hard Sell

The OnePlus 10T is expected to arrive this year, and one of the big questions surrounding it is whether it will be a higher-end or high-end handset than the OnePlus 10 Pro – and a new price leak suggests OnePlus itself can’t really decide. .

Leak @passionategeekz (opens in new tab) located a phone listing on Amazon UK and shared it with RootMyGalaxyName (opens in new tab). The listing has since been removed, but not before the site got a screenshot, in which we can see a price tag of £799.

That converts to roughly $965 / AU$1,415, but what’s more interesting is that the UK price is exactly the same as the starting price of the OnePlus 10 Pro – a phone that, for reference, starts at $899 US USA (not available in Australia).

(Image credit: RootMyGalaxy / Passionategeekz / Amazon)

This appears to be the starting price of the OnePlus 10T too, as it’s for a model with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, which is the lowest configuration we’d expect to see – and the same basic configuration as the OnePlus 10 Pro. So if this listing is correct, it looks like OnePlus might sell both phones for exactly the same price.

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