iOS 16 just got better at detecting this SMS with its PNR details

iOS 16 will bring some new updates to the way it detects event-based SMS messages for users in India. Litter released iOS 16 beta 2 to developers and it looks like a feature available in their Mail app will be supported in iMessage also. according to one report (opens in new tab) by Apple Insider, the latest iOS beta will allow the operating system to detect event-based SMS messages. For example, the next time you book a plane or train ticket, iOS 16 will automatically detect the message on your iphone. The time and date of travel will be detected by Siri, which can create a reminder.

The report also states that the event captured by the operating system will be highlighted in the message thread. While it’s not confirmed what the UI looks like, there is a possibility that the iMessage app is borrowing a feature. We’ve seen this before in the Mail app. When you receive an invite or travel reservation, iOS creates a summary notification at the top and offers to add them to the calendar. We could expect to see a similar UI in the iMessage app as well.

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Another addition to the latest update is support for backup to your iCloud account without the need for a Wi-Fi connection. With the next update, many users can backup their devices to the cloud using their LTE and 5G data. Previously, Apple users had to be connected to a Wi-Fi connection to upload their data and update to the latest software. With iOS 15, the company has allowed users to update firmware on iPhones and iPad cell phone models using their data plan.

More control over SMS

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While the new event detection is a welcome change for users in the country, it would have been better if there were more ways to manage SMS messages. It’s not like we’re asking for full control, but every now and then it would be great if I could decide which messages aren’t. spam. iOS 16 will change the way spam messages are filtered and is expected to add more subcategories. However, everything is decided by third-party apps. There have been incidents where a message was incorrectly sent to the spam filter. There is no way to move them to the main list without turning off the SMS filter feature.

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