Flipkart opens up a new flank in the fight against Amazon – Enters the audiobook segment

Do you like books like Dale Carnegie’s? The art of public speakingby Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dadby Ankur Warikoo do epic shitand Shwetabh Gangwar The rudest book ever? Do you like them in audiobook form? Okay, do you want to hear them in Hindi? Well, if you answer ‘yes’ to the questions, your place to visit is the Flipkart e-commerce platform.

Well, it entered the audiobook category through a partnership with the Pocket FM audio streaming platform. With this partnership, Flipkart is also taking on its archrival Amazon, whose Audible — launched in 2018 — spearheads the industry of streaming audio content in India.

How to access audiobooks in Flipkart

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