Apple struck a deal with MLS; here’s what it means to you

Starting next year, Apple TV will be the place to watch every Major League Soccer (MLS) game live. MLS fans around the world will soon have to tune in to just a stream free of local service interruptions and expensive cable bundles to watch matches with commentary as they unfold.

Litter announced today (opens in new tab) which is creating, with MLS, a subscription-based service that will be available exclusively on the Apple TV app and will be available in 2023. Along with match content, the streaming service will include a weekly update, highlights and an analysis show. A “wide selection” of MLS and League Cup matches will be available to stream at no additional cost to Apple TV+ subscribers. The upcoming service will also be included in MLS full season ticket packages.

Always wanted to play Doom in Minecraft? This player built an in-game PC just for this

A dedicated gamer made use of a Minecraft mod to accomplish the extraordinary feat of building a PC and then running Doom on it.

reddit User onesnowcrow posted a video showing how the player ordered computer parts via satellite internet from Minecraft, dropped them in the air, assembled it, installed Windows 98, and then demonstrated its power first using the Paint program and then running and playing Doom.

This PS Plus Premium Feature Makes Your PS5 Wish List Even Better

PS Plus Premium and PS Plus Extra subscribers have noticed a useful new feature that adds new functionality to their console’s wishlist, making it noticeably more useful than ever before.

If you’re subscribed to the new PS Plus service with the highest Extra or Premium tiers, you’ll receive a notification if and when any game on your PS5 wishlist makes it to the service. This will potentially save you the purchase of the game when it can be downloaded at no extra cost (thanks, push square (opens in new tab)).

Goodbye, Internet Explorer. Thanks for the memories (and the malware)

The end of an era is coming as Internet Explorer has finally been retired after more than 26 years of service, good and bad.

Announced last year, Internet Explorer’s official retirement on June 15, 2022 comes 26 years and 10 months (9,801 days to be exact) after its launch on August 15, 1995, when the public-facing Internet was in your childhood .

The new Google Maps update aims to help you save money

Nobody likes unexpected travel expenses and almost everyone likes to save money. Google is trying to cover both fronts by releasing a new Google Maps feature that helps combat the anxiety of unexpectedly traveling down expensive toll roads.

As part of the navigation platform’s latest software update – which focuses on giving users more useful information before and during their journey – Google Maps for iOS and Android will now include toll prices for nearly 2,000 toll roads in the US. , India, Japan and Indonesia , with more countries set to receive the feature soon.

Great News for Chromebook Users – Free Photoshop on the Web Coming Soon

Photoshop’s high price scared many people in the past, but now Adobe is testing a free version of its famous image editing app.

technology news website On the edge (opens in new tab) reports that Canadian users can try a free Photoshop on the web. Adobe apparently wants to make its app more accessible to people and describes testing as a “freemium” service. There are also plans to add new features to subscribers to differentiate the paid version from the free one.

Capcom Changes Resident Evil 3 System Requirements, Cutting Windows 7 and 8.1

Capcom has released an official statement for Resident Evil 3 Remake regarding the game’s new system requirements for Steam.

According to the declaration, after installing the update patch, players will only be able to play the Steam version of Resident Evil 3 on Windows 10, even if previous players with Windows 7 and 8.1 were able to play it before. Not only that, but the graphics and DirectX requirements have also been completely changed.

Cheaper 4K OLED TVs could be on the way as LG finally gets some real competition

The best hope for a future price drop on OLED TVs has just arrived, in the promise of a price battle. Chinese screen maker BOE has announced that it is ready to launch panels for the home market, starting with a 95-inch 8K OLED TV with 120Hz refresh rate… panels starting at 55 inches all the way up to 95 inches.

According to the Korean newspaper Biz Chosun (via FlatpanelsHD (opens in new tab)), BOE’s new OLED offerings are expected to go into production soon, with estimated sales of around 300,000 units this year – a figure that equates to more than 5% of the current OLED TV panel market.

A double renewal for Netflix with two very different series…

After a year that was largely dominated by talk of canceled shows and abandoned projects, Netflix was able to capitalize on some good news this week with the announcement of two major renewals.

In the past, Netflix tended to move quickly to renew shows if they were attracting a large audience on the streaming service. Bridgerton, for example, got renewals for a third and fourth season before the second even aired. This is why so many fans of Netflix’s debut drama Heartstopper were so concerned when it took a few weeks for its renewal to be confirmed. in the end, two more seasons were locked, so everything is fine, it turned out fine.

Is there a built-in VPN on your iPhone?

In an effort to be at the forefront of technological innovation, every year Apple introduces new hardware. and Software. It does this while looking to maintain its reputation for developing incredibly secure devices with features like Private Relay.

Introduced in 2021, it would be forgiven to assume this is Apple’s own version of a VPN. However, this is not really the case, with several major limitations that make the need for a third-party VPN for iPhone still necessary to optimize your device.