Best blender 2022: blenders from KitchenAid, Ninja and more

Editor’s Note: October 2022

This month we’ve added in a portable blender from ShakeSphere. It’s a great option if you’re always on the go and need a quick smoothie whilst you’re out the house.

With the talk of Black Friday deals starting to become a reality we’re going to start to see some deals spring up. Although blenders might not be the most discounted small appliances during big sale events, it’s still worth checking out KitchenAid mixer Black Friday deals (opens in new tab), and the like, to save some money where you can.

Jennifer Oksien, Editor – Homes

By having the best blender (somewhere) in the kitchen, you are just one step away from making a super delicious soup or nutrition-packed smoothie. They are a quick and relatively easy way to eat healthily on a budget – you’ll just need to wash and chop the ingredients before enjoying.

These versatile counter-top appliances can also be transformed into the best juicers or best food processors, and so much more, so you won’t be limited to just blending and there won’t be the need to go out and buy yet more products to get your fill either. Whilst you may not have much space in the kitchen to home a blender, it would be worth looking out for more portable options which are battery-powered. Although these are single-serve, it solves a problem and means that you don’t go without.

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