Apple and Meta team up to track their Quest 2 workouts

Meta’s Oculus mobile app is about to become a much better fitness companion. Once you’ve downloaded the latest updates, you’ll find all your goals and Move data not only stored on your Meta Quest 2 headset, but also on your smartphone app.

Move is a great free fitness app for Meta’s Quest 2 headphones that tracks your activity in VR. Once turned on, it runs in the background while you play any Quest 2 game (whether it’s one of the best VR fitness games on the platform or any other VR title) and tracks your progress towards your goals.

The only problem is that his stats are locked on the headset, but that’s about to change. With the latest update to the Oculus mobile app, you’ll no longer need to jump into VR to see how you’re progressing towards your targets – all the data will be there on your smartphone.

(Image credit: Meta)

While this update to the Oculus mobile app is available on Android smartphones and iOS devices, those using an iPhone or iPad will have a small added benefit.

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