Google has made it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for

Google is improving the way cited searches work in its search engine and improving Touch to Search in the Chrome mobile app.

Quoted search refers to when you put quotes around a search term and Google shows results that contain those exact words. The problem with the old style was that the Google Search results didn’t show where the term appeared on the page. You had to dig a little. But now, a small snippet will appear below the search results (opens in new tab), showing exactly where you can find the quoted term in bold.

Updated 10th generation iPad design found in CAD files

Apple may be redesigning its entry-level iPad this year after a long time. Many of the iPad models have been completely redesigned, except for the original iPad series.

The design of the next tablet PC was seen in CAD files, according to a report (opens in new tab) by MySmartPrice. From what we can see in the renders, Apple will keep the chassis similar to current iPad models. We can see the curved edges with the square body and the addition of speakers on top as well. This is a departure from the 9th generation iPad that only comes with two speakers at the bottom.

Massive Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 leak suggests it could beat Apple Watch 8

Samsung’s second big launch of 2022 is just around the corner, with the company holding an event on August 10th where we expect to see the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 line-up – and those watches are on the way. becoming true highlights of the show.

At this point, there’s not much we don’t know about wearables, assuming the recent leaks we’ve seen are accurate, and a massive new leak has just surfaced in WinFuture (opens in new tab)which consists of an almost complete spec list along with supposedly official marketing photos.

The biggest news in this leaked information is the battery capacities, with the 40mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 apparently having a 284mAh battery, the 44mAh model having a 410mAh battery, and the 45mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. apparently getting a massive 590mAh battery.

A leaked image of a 40mm model on the left and a 44mm model on the right (Image credit: WinFuture)

These capacities would be greater than the battery capacities of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 range and also greater than previous leaks have suggested. They would apparently allow 50 hours of life on the standard models and up to 80 hours in the case of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which would be even better than the three days of life we ​​previously heard it could manage.